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Whether you found us through Instagram, Facebook or from another Hair and Honey guest, you’re probably looking for the picture-perfect hair you have been dreaming of. Well, You have come to the right place!

a look into a new guest session

Your experience starts at our online booking site. When you submit an appointment request below, we will double check that the date, time, and service aligns with our customized hair plan, and we'll make it a date! 

The day of your appointment -- you will pull up to a quaint little salon just outside vibrant downtown Naperville. We have tons of parking in our private lot, and you will know you have arrived when you see the big "Salon Brielle" sign out front. 

Once you make your way inside, we'll begin with a quick 15-minute consultation. Here, we'll discuss not only the expectations for today but your lifestyle, budget, and ultimate hair goals to formulate the perfect look for you.

If you're here for a blonding session, all treatments and formulas will be logged in our records system so that it is ready and waiting for you at each visit. 

once your application is complete

We have Wi-Fi, sparkling water, granola bars, cookies, phone chargers, and more to keep you comfortable as your color works its magic. 


You will finish the experience with a personal styling session, where we will discuss the tools, products, and techniques most suited for your desired look. Ending with a personal favorite, the IG photoshoot.

Throughout the session together, we will recommend a styling regimen to recreate and maintain your look at home. At that time we will also go over our customized hair schedule and maintenance plan to map out your follow-up appointments, so you never miss a chance to see us!

Within 24-48 hours, you will receive a personal message from us thanking you for sharing your time and making sure all your needs were taken care of. 


Don’t know which experience to choose? Keep reading below!

new guest services

If you are a new guest to the salon, welcome! As a new client, we will require extra time for a thorough consultation and proper time to create the looks you see on our page. Please select the Specialty Blonding Session New Guest if this is your first time in the salon. 

For clients wishing to go 6 months or longer, no problem! You will need to select a Specialty Blonding Session Returning Guest at the time of rebooking to ensure we have ample time to refresh your look.

Blonding appointments are broken down into different time blocks to eliminate the confusion of figuring out what service to book. The more time booked, the more we can achieve in one session! 


Please review the time blocks below, when you are ready to book click the "Book Now" button below to submit your appointment request. If you feel you need more details on booking or the services we offer, you are welcome to book a complimentary consultation as well. Please feel free to email us here if you have any questions or trouble requesting your appointment. 

*Prices are subject to change*

The Specialty Blonding Session

This service is best for you if you want high impact blonding for maximum brightness, to even out brassiness, haven't had your hair colored in 6 months or you are a new client to the studio. This service includes all formulations necessary to keep your hair healthy while transitioning. 
When booking this service, select the service labeled "Specialty Blonding Session" (4+ hour service) starting at $200.

The Complete Foil

This service is great if you are predominantly dark and transitioning to blond or want to blend outgrowth and remaining dimension for an all over "blonder" effect. This service can be alternated with maintenance appointments and is great if you wish to go 4-5 months between lightening sessions


When booking this service, select the service labeled "The Complete Foil" (3 hours + 45 minute service) starting at $145. 

The Maintenance Foil

This service is great for you if you are currently blonde and want to seamlessly blend outgrowth, reserve your natural dimension, or maintain your current color. This service is great if you wish to go 2-3 months between lightening sessions and can be customized for many different looks.

When booking this service, select the service labeled "The Maintenance Foil" (3 hour service) starting at $125. 

Transformative Color

This is my largest time slot and is dedicated to corrective color techniques. This time block is for people who is looking for a complete transformation. A transformation would be categorized as someone who has uneven or splotchy color, who has extremely dry, brittle or over-processed hair or in need of a color correction determined in your consultation.  This service includes all formulations necessary to keep your hair healthy while transitioning. 


When booking this service, select the service labeled "Transformative Color" (6+ hour service) Price Varies, consultation REQUIRED to book. 

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