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Meet Our Team

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Aly Flores @hairrandhoney IBE™ Master Technician

I believe in offering complete customization to every client that sits in my chair, specializing in the art of Invisible Bead Extensions. My job is to deliver realistic, beautiful results while providing attentive care and education about maintaining your new look.

If you're looking to enhance your everyday style with seamless, natural-looking extensions, let's plan a date to meet!


Nina Miulli @amiulli_hair Stylist

If you're in need of someone passionate in crafting one-of-a-kind beauty experiences for their clients then I'm your girl! My mission is to not only create stunning, natural results but also to empower clients with the knowledge to maintain their look effortlessly at home.

If you're ready to elevate your everyday look, let's connect!


Bella Puleo @bpuleo_hair Stylist

At Hair and Honey, my ultimate goal is to craft a customized look for each guest, tailored to their preferences, from dramatic blonde transformations to subtle maintenance styles. As a hair care enthusiast, I'm excited to help you establish a routine that suits you perfectly.

I pride myself on staying updated on the latest blonde trends and techniques to ensure a comprehensive consultation, so you leave looking and feeling your best. Your happiness is my top priority!

I value your time and hair goals deeply. If you're ready to elevate your look, let's start with a consultation and get you in my chair!

Have everything you need already? Book now!

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